Tecar Therapy

Innovative and non-invasive therapy with high-frequency alternating current that accelerates healing 3-5 times.

This system is based on a frequency of 500 kHz which is the key because it acts at the cell level by activating biostimulation, stimulating microcirculation (vascularization) and increasing cellular metabolism, leading to a hyperthermic effect.

Positive effects, such as pain relief, are visible after the first treatment.

Unlike other methods of physical therapy whose activity is limited to the surface layers,

Tecar therapy has a deeper therapeutic effect within the treated area.


  • Acute, subacute and chronic conditions (arthrosis, arthritis, myalgia)

  • Injuries of locomotor apparatus (joints, muscles and bones)

  • Pain in the back, neck, triggers, bursitis, tendinitis, neuralgia

  • Prevention of sports injuries and preparations ahead of larger competitions

  • Regenerative treatment after major sporting efforts and after injury

  • Aesthetic application (tightening of the skin, thigh, buttocks, stomach, cellulite)