Laser Therapy

In contrast to lasers of high strength used in surgery, low-power atheric therapy lasers are used in physical therapy, such as the infrared diode laser.

The infrared diode laser differs from others due to a greater depth of penetration, a powerful biostimulative effect of masked tissue and ease of use.

Low power lasers have a variety of complex photobiological effects such as:

  • increase in metabolism

  • anti-inflammatory effect

  • anti-edematous effect

  • stimulation of microcirculation

  • tissue regeneration

  • biostimulative effect

  • pain relief


Laser treatment results in the following advantages:

  • significantly reduces the time of treatment

  • can be applied in the acute phase, because the procedure is atermic, it does not heat the tissues

  • positive effect on bone regeneration, regeneration of peripheral nerves, muscle fibers and skin

  • it can also be applied to acupuncture points, which is very important for people who don’t feel comfortable with needles.