Electrotherapy involves applying certain forms of electrical energy for the purpose of medical treatment.

Generally speaking, electrotherapy reduces pain, eliminates swelling and calms inflammatory processes.

The electrodes are placed on the targeted zone, resulting in the following physiological effects:

  •  vasodilatation (spreading of blood vessels)

  •  hyperemia (redness of the skin with the presence of heat)

  • improved exchange of metabolic substances and normalized pH

  • reduced irritability of nocyceptors, i.e., the sensitive receptors, thus reducing pain)

  • accelerated tissue healing

  • increased muscle contraction


Modern computerized electrotherapy devices enable precise use of therapeutic modality (stable electrophoresis, drug electrophoresis, diadynamic currents, interferent currents, TENS, electrostimulation) for all diseases that respond well to this type of treatment.

In cases of chronic diseases, post-operative recovery or in the treatment of acute conditions, electrotherapy is combined with range of other physiotherapy procedures and techniques, from massage, laser, ultrasound, manual treatments to kinesiotherapy.