Myofascial Release Technique

The technique of myofascial relaxation deals with deep and superficial fascia as well as organ fascia.

Fascia is a dense fibrous net of connective tissue. It permeates all the tissues in our body like an envelope and covers each organ as a sachet. In this way, fascia connects all parts of our body into one comprehensive system.

The work on the fascia belongs to manual techniques and includes an overview (diagnosis of the problem) as to bring the entire body into balance.

During the treatment, a range of movements of a specific pressure is used, starting from gentle massage (using only a few fingers) to deep tissue massage that is also very gentle but highly effective. These movements are designed to relax the accumulated fascia, "unwind" the fibrous threads and restore the fascia to its normal state. Treatments are very relaxing, to the point where many patients fall asleep. They last for one hour and are carried out several times.

There are cases in which there is an increased intensity of pain after the treatment but it rarely lasts more than one day, and then the pain disappears.

The program of treatments is continuously altered, depending on the feedback received from the patient.

The technique of myofascial relaxation helps with:

  • back and neck pain, pelvic pain

  • sports injuries

  • face and jaw pain (TMJ)

  • neuro-disfunctions

  • chronic fatigue

  • painful scars

  • myofascial pain

  • anxiety

  • depression.