Lymphatic Drainage

Good lymphatic system contributes to good health.

Manual lymphatic drainage enables us to act on the immune system as to achieve detoxification of the entire organism.

Metaphoric waste, excess water and proteins, toxins, bacteria, viruses and foreign matter from the tissue are destroyed in the lymph nodes by the mechanism of phagocytosis.

It is applied after amputation of the breast due to cancer, in post-traumatic swelling, Sudek's dystrophy, after orthopedic surgery, in esthetic surgery (post-surgical swelling after face-lift, liposuction, reduction or breast enlargement), in the treatment of lymphedema, for prevention and treatment cellulite, etc.

It is not used in the presence of malignant processes, acute inflammation, elevated temperatures, cardiac edema, active tuberculosis, thrombosis and renal dysfunction.

In addition to extremities, lymphatic drainage can also be done on the head, neck, back, chest and on the stomach.

The treatment length depends on the region and area being treated.

This technique is performed by therapists who have an additional certification for manual lymphatic drainage.