Indian Balance

Body in motion, soul at rest.

Native Indians have lived in harmony with nature for centuries. They quietly fought for their place in the society, preserving their inner peace and dignity, thanks to the centuries-old philosophy.

Indian Balance is an exercise program for the body, mind and soul. Exercises include a program for strengthening muscles of arms, back, stomach, legs and gluteus.

It was officially launched in 2005, after its creator and founder, Christan De May, also a sports physiotherapist, has been carefully developing the idea for 10 years.

By visiting various tribes, of which he himself is a part of, and observing their way of life, Christian created a program his patients needed.

Exercises are designed in such a way  to stimulate your senses and bring you clean energy, basically charge your batteries.

The program consists of continuous changes in motion, with muscle contraction and breathing. With stretching, the musculature receives enough oxygen and the exercises are especially recommended for stress prevention.

Indian Balance combines the wisdom of Native Indians with the principles of physical energy and kinesiology.

The goal of these exercises is to re-establish the natural relationship with our body and everything that surrounds us.

At the same time, the program improves durability, concentration, moblility and coordination.

Indian Balance is suitable for all ages and levels of physical capacity.

*Classes are held by Ivana Popovic, the only licensed Indian Balance instructor in Serbia