Aviva Method

Aviva Method has been approved by the World Health Organization.

Aviva hormone balance exercises date back to 1966. Exercises became a rounded method when medical research has confirmed that performing certain continuous movements within the exercises compiled by Aviva Steiner act as a generator of positive changes in the hormonal system of the organism.

The Aviva method is neither a holistic nor an alternative method of treatment, but is based on the physiology of the organism. It relies on conventional medicine and supports the healing process.

The method was approved by the highest institution in the world, the World Health Organization. It gives you the ability not to be physiologically and psychologically dependent on external factors, but to take control of the functioning of your body.

By practicing the Aviva method, you are naturally editing the hormonal system, preventing menstrual cramps and PMS, shortening the duration of menstrual bleeding, removing blockages, alleviating the symptoms of menopause, and establishing a monthly cycle, all in a completely natural way.

Aviva provides priceless help to ladies with fertility problems as it also has ovulation-inducing set of exercises. There is also a pelvis-strengthening exercise system, as well as a program for men.

Aviva system is efficient, natural, healthy and easy to learn!