Physical Vascular Therapy

Can be applied at the comfort of your own home. 

Two treatments should be conducted on a daily basis.

Contraindicated for patients with transplanted organs.

An effective physical agent which by means of multi-dimensional signal effectively stimulates the limited or impaired microcirculation in the body.

Microcirculation is the functionally most important part of the bloodstream, which is performed in a branched network of the smallest blood vessels. It performs existential transport tasks: it carries out the supply of tissues and organs to nutrients and oxygen, removes harmful metabolic products and activates the immune system.

Proven effects of Bemer therapy:

  • Strengthening the defense ability of the organism

  • Better nutrition of organs and tissues, more effective removal of end products

  • Mitigating the effects of stress

  • Helping to heal wounds and recover from sports injuries

  • A favourable influence on the level of cholesterol

  • Increased efficiency and maximum load tolerance

  • Shorter tissue regeneration time

  • Higher degree of physical fitness can be achieved as well as reduced risk of injury

  • Better concentration



Good microcirculation is necessary for every age.


  • painful conditions

  • diabetes,

  • flu

  • rheumatic conditions

  • arthritis

  • migraine

  • depression,

  • osteoporosis

  • rehabilitation

  • skin diseases

  • acne

  • neuropathy

  • eye disease

  • healing wounds

  • relaxation

  • hypertension

  • insomnia

  • in children: hyperactivity, anemia, prevention of allergy.